Chapter 11 - Drowning Gnomes & Dryads

Gozran 11

After a fruitless expedition of exploring the tunnels below the Old Sycamore, Thali becomes bored and wants to return to the surface. Volgrin agrees and the two return. Thali soon takes her leave and goes to rejoin her other adventuring party and head into the swamps west of Cedwyn.

Gozran 12

With Volgrin returned and the party now all back together, they decide to go explore the wilds. A pack of large wolves have been terrorizing the Kamelands east of Cedwyn. The group spends the day hunting this pack down and killing its enormous leader. Vors and Rex are able to somewhat tame the rest of the pack, with Rex becoming their new alpha. Vors vicariously leads the pack as they continue to travel.

Gozran 13

The group travels back through Cedwyn and heads southeast into the unexplored areas around their kingdom. They soon come to a river, with a wagon trapped in the center of the water. It appears the horses were fording the river and panicked midway. A battered gnome upon a loaded cart calls for help. The group manages to get the gnome and his group across the river and they sit down and camp for the night.

The gnome is Jubilost Narthropple – an explorer who has been leading this expedition through the Narlmarches, and is on his way towards Cedwyn now, where he hopes to set up a small business selling maps. He trades information with the group, telling them about several locations to the south of the Narlmarches.

Gozran 14

The next day, Jubilost and his group heads off towards Cedwyn, while our heroes cross the river south and head west. They soon run hear angry voices coming from a grove nearby. They come across a conflict where an angry nixie named Melianse has ensorcelled two lumberjacks, threatening to kill three other loggers. The group tries to calm this situation down, but the nixie is upset that the loggers have chopped down all her coachwood trees, which are extremely old and extremely rare.

The group is able to negotiate the logger’s release, but not before the nixie burns one of the logger’s arm’s off with magic. The group follows the loggers back to Tatzlford, the new town that has been formed by Loy and Latricia Rezbin. After a quick meeting, the group is able to ensure that the loggers will not return to harrass the nixie. They then head into the forest north of the river and track down some coachwood seeds to return to the nixie, to help restore her grove. The nixie is appreciative, if not necessarily satisfied.

Gozran 15

The group continues west from the nixie’s grove and spots a beautiful tree in a clearing rising high above the others. The sun seems to shine directly onto it, giving it an almost unnatural glow. Upon investigation, they find the grove of a dryad named Tiressia. This is her bonded oak, and she lives her with her friend, a satyr named Falchos

After some discussion with Tiressia, she pleas for their help. She is in danger, as a Scythe Tree, a creature that feeds off the flesh of dryads, is coming towards her. Tiressia and Falchos have attempting to fight the scythe tree off, but were unable and Falchos was injured in the battle. She pleads with Stan in particular to save her, and the group agrees.


South of the grove, the group discovers the Scythe Tree, a horribly evil creature that they soon destroy. They return to Tiressia, and she is very grateful. She takes Stan into her tree and is even more grateful to him personally.


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