Chapter 12 - The Dancer & The Dead

Gozran 16

West of the dryad’s grove, the group finds an Abandoned Keep. Inside, they are attacked by a Quickling, who soon has them trapped in one of the towers. They are finally able to get past his annoying tactics and kill him before exploring the rest of the keep.

In the central tower, they find a beautiful woman dancing, her movements hypnotizing. She begins to entrance the men in the group, and attacks Yuri while they are stunned. The group soon comes to their senses and they kill the woman, who is actually some kind of devil.


In another tower, they are attacked by a creature known as a Grimstalker. They quickly fight him off as well. Finally, they find a tower filled with the corpses of victims that have met their unfortunate fate in the area around this Keep. They decide to spend the rest of the day and the next giving these poor creatures a proper burial.


jamestwitherspoon jamestwitherspoon

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