Chapter 13 - Hodag & Hargulka

Gozran 18


South of Tiressia’s grove, the group finds the trail of a creature called a Hodag. They track this creature to it’s den and set up a trap to kill it. This creature was known to cause problems in the area, and the group felt it should be eliminated. They set the den on fire and the creature charged out, fighting them to the death. After the smoke cleared, the group digs through the den and then explores the area before camping for the night.

Gozran 19

Continuing south, the group spots a Fortress built into the cliffside on the mountains high above. They make their way up the narrow trail, then send Volgrin to sneak up and take a look. He notices that this fortress is dwarven made, and peeks through one of the windows to see two trolls within, eating some strange stew from a large pot. Volgrin knocks at the door and attempts to bluff his way through a conversation, but soon the Trolls tire of him and attack.

The rest of the group joins the fray and the conflict soon attracts the attention of other trolls within the fortress. The group is able to kill several of them, and set them on fire to completely destroy them. Further into the fortress, they fight off another Troll – this one particularly strong, and with two heads. They also find the corpse of an unfortunate halfling.

Continuing further, they find themselves in the chamber of the Troll’s leader, a huge Troll who announces herself as Hargulka. She wields a giant morningstar, with lightning arcing between the spikes on the head. With her is a Rock Troll, a troll hound and two other trolls that serve as her guards. Without much discussion, she orders the trolls to attack.


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