Chapter 14: Trolls & Tracking

Gozran 19

Seeing that they are facing superior forces, the group decides their best option is to escape from Hargulka and the Troll Fortress. They barely escape with their lives and flee into the forest. The trolls follow them for some distance before losing them in the forests. The group stops at Tiressia’s grove and rests for the night.

Gozran 20

The group begins travelling through the forest back towards Cedwyn. They have to stop and camp on the way.


Gozran 21

Back in Cedwyn the group finds their city in turmoil. A huge owlbear attacked the town only hours before the group arrived, killing people and destroying buildings before fleeing to the east. Kesten Garess and a big portion of the towns guards had left to handle a banditry issue in the north, leaving the town with little defense against the beast.

The group does not tarry in town and instead begins tracking the owlbear. It’s moving fast and not stopping. Even Rex cannot catch the owlbear, but they do not lose the tracks.

Gozran 22

They continue tracking the owlbear until they find a cave in the southeast Kamelands. Inside, they find, among other monsters – the Owlbear.


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