Chapter 15 - Fur & Feathers

Gozran 22

The group ambushes the owlbear, who goes into a rage, forcing them to kill it. They find some strange things about the owlbear, that seem to point to somebody controlling it. There is the fresh corpse of a man wearing a cursed ring. The owlbear is also wearing leather barding of some type that seems to have been custom made for it.

In another portion of the caves, they find the corpses of men littering the floor around the corpses of a female owlbear and her two cubs. When they inspect further, they hear a whining coming from under the mother and find a third cub trapped under her, protected by her corpse. Vors decides to take it and return it to health.

The group travels back to town to recover. Vors takes the owlbear to his personal shrine to keep him hidden.

Gozran 23 – Desnus 6

The group takes time to recover from the Owlbear attack. Vors nurses the owlbear cub back to health. Ellel comes out to spend some time with him at the shrine as well. The cub is awkward and nervous at first, but slowly begins to become more active and responsive.

The rest of the group takes some much needed leisure time before working at their positions in the city.

The city is slowly recovering from the attack, and rebuilding the areas that were demolished.

Desnus 7

A woman and her unconscious son come to the temple to plea for help. Vors heals the boy and listens to their plea. The son, Martin says that he and his brother Tig were fishing by the river, when they were ambushed by lizard folk. They knocked Martin out and took Tig with them. The mother pleads with Vors to go save her son.

Desnus 8

The group gets together and heads to the south, where the map they got from Jubilost Narthropple shows the Lizardfolk Camp. There, they confront the lizardfolk who guard the gate. After a short battle, they convince the lizardfolk to surrender and the tribe leader comes out to speak with them.


Vesket the Lizard King comes out and tells them of Stisshak, the spirit of their ancestor who speaks to them and tells them what to do. Stisshak commanded that they kidnap the boy and torture him. Many of the lizard folk are upset by this, as they would rather just eat the boy, but Stisshak wants Tig alive and scared. Vesket does not believe that Stisshak is actually the spirit of an ancestor like he claims. He suspects some magic at play and agrees to let the group come in and take Tig if they can take care of Stisshak for him.

The group confronts Stisshak and finds it to be a will-o-wisp – a magical creature that feeds on fear. They eliminate it and free Tig from the lizardfolk. Vesket agrees to stay away from Cedwyn in exchange for the humans staying away from their camp.

The group returns Tig to his thankful mother and goes back to Cedwyn.


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