Chapter 17 - Drunks, Drakes and Dryads

Desnus 12
The group travels across the Tuskwater towards the mud bowl to get the rattlecap mushrooms for the Old Beldame. They quickly find them and continue south to explore more uncharted territories.

In this hilly region they hear a loud thumping noise coming from the other side of a large hill. Volgrin casts invisibility on himself and goes to check out the commotion. There he finds a giant, who calls himself Munguk. The giant seems to be in a particularly foul mood due to a lack of moonshine. Volgrin promises him moonshine and then leaves. The group sets up a camp nearby, with plans to make moonshine the following day somehow.

During the night, the group is attacked by two trolls. During the fight, Munguk, who seems to have a dislike towards the “ugly troll men”, comes and helps smash them. After the fight, it seems Munguk may continue smashing, but Volgrin is able to talk him down with the promise of moonshine in the morning.

Desnus 13

The next morning, Vors uses his magic to make a banquet fit for a king, or a giant in this case. Munguk quickly devours everything and collapses into a food coma. The group leaves him be and heads west to continue exploring. They enter the forests here and spend the day scouting the region, finding nothing of interest.

During the night, Vors sets up a glyph of warding to protect the camp, allowing them all to get a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, during the night, they are visited by an old friend – Tyg Titter-Tut crosses the glyph and immediately explodes. Stan hears the noise and Volgrin is able to heal her up before she dies.

More bad news follows however, when Tyg tells the group that trolls have attacked Melianse’s grove. They cut down her bondtree, and killed her. Falchos and Pervilash have headed towards the Troll Fortress to seek revenge, while she came looking for them, as she does not think that her friends will survive that attack.

Desnus 14
The group sets a fast pace towards the Troll Fortress. On the way, they hear cracking and breaking branches as the forest drake they had heard about dives in to attack them. They quickly leap off their horses and engage the drake, who spits acid clouds at them. After a short fight, they are able to kill the drake. Vors wants to collect the beast’s hide, but there is no time. They continue towards the troll fortress.

There, they find the place more heavily guarded than the last time they were here. It seems as if the trolls expect them. After much deliberation, they come up with a plan of attack and head up to the front of the fortress. Tyg flies in through the window and unlocks the door, allowing the group to charge in and kill the trolls guarding the front door. One troll escapes to warn the other. They know that there are more below, and that they will be ready for a fight.


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