Chapter 18 - The Death of Hargulka

Desnus 14 (continued)

The group prepares themselves for the upcoming battle. They know it will be difficult and dangerous, but they press on anyways, venturing back down into the Troll fortress. They find the place empty. All the remaining trolls have gathered in Hargulka’s throne room.

Hargulka holds an unconscious Falchos by one of his legs. She greets the group and wastes no time ordering her trolls to attack, before throwing Falchos’ limp body across the room. Pervilash sits inside a cage to the side of the room, trying to break free to help the fight. Tyg-Titter-Tut goes to his aid, but is soon accosted by one of the trolls, who grabs her and tries to stuff her in its mouth.

During the fight, Volgrin distracts Hargulka by using his superior mobility and defense to dance around her feet, hacking into her legs with his bastard sword. Vors, Stan, and Yuri fight off the other trolls, trying to keep themselves from getting overwhelmed by the massive creatures. Pervilash offers magical assistance from within his cage.

The battle is close, with death possible from every blow. Yuri falls and nearly bleeds out on the ground before Vors comes to her rescue. Pervilash is smashed inside his cage, but Tyg is able to reach him in time and pull him to safety. Stan nearly falls as well, clawed and smashed by the trolls.


Eventually, the trolls begin to fall. Vors lights one on fire with an oil flask and a well applied spark, then Yuri tosses its burning corpse onto another one, beginning a fiery chain reaction of burning trolls. The panicked trolls are easier to control and the group is able to fight them back. Finally, Hargulka herself attempts to flee, but is beheaded by Yuri, who then uses Hargulka’s Thundering Mace to destroy the rock troll as well. The group is exhausted, but the trolls all lie dead at their feet.

The group rests. Vors applies some much needed magical aid to Falchos, who is a bit less than happy to see them. He blames the group for Tyressia’s death, saying that they lead the trolls directly to Tyressia’s grove. Stan tries to calm him, and succeeds in getting him to talk at least, but Falchos soon goes off on his own in the night.

Desnus 15
The group heads back to Cedwyn, exploring the wilderness along the way. Tyg and Pervilash go their own way, heading off in an attempt to find Falchos and keep him from getting himself killed.

Desnus 17
Finally back in Cedwyn, the group rests for a couple weeks, falling back into the routine of everyday life.


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