Vors' Horse


Duchess is Vors Detal’s mount.

Description: Duchess is a glistening silver-white mare with large dark eyes. She has a snip of pink on her grey nose, but all four of her hoofs are black. She’s of average height, but great width. Her short back and wide loins give her the strength of a much larger horse and she is well able to carry a fully armored Hero into battle. Her broad base and solid weight helps to steady and brace a warrior fighting from her back with the lance or sword and she’s equally popular with archers for the same reason. Elves especially love a horse of this build since they often ride without saddles – her long, flowing stride give her soft gaits that in combination with her wide back make her an especially comfortable horse to ride.

Training and experience: She’s trained for the use of edged weapons and battle ready, but steady enough to trust with the kids if you need to send them away to safety. She is an excellent choice in this because she won’t be excitable or silly like a younger horse can tend to be in the midst of the excitement of an attack or the near-panic of a forced retreat. Her only real fault under saddle would be that she will sometimes question her rider’s mental or emotional stability and if she feels such drastic inaction is needed will simply stop where she is and wait until the rider regains their senses.

Her greatest strength is that she truly loves traveling and seeing new places which makes her an enjoyable mount for a courier or anyone traveling long distances. While she has proven herself in battle and is an extraordinary choice as a war mare, you might think twice about risking her by riding her into battle, unless your very home depends on it, as she’s an proven broodmare and has produced five extraordinary foals. As long as you have mares like this at home, you’ll have a good source of future war-horses.


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