Chapter 10 - Werewolves & Women

Gozran 1

Things are quiet in Cedwyn. Gedu returns to town, after spending the last several weeks taking care of Svetlana Leveton. This doesn’t raise any eyebrows just yet.

Gozran 5

After hearing of murders and mutilations of livestock in the area around the city, the group begins investigating. What they find is evidence that a large beast has been attacking at night. They suspect a werewolf after finding a set of bare human footprints leading back into the city. They set a trap using the sheep (and Volgrin Steelfoot and Rex dressed as sheep) to lure the werewolf out. Miraculously, it works and they combat the werewolf to the death.

Afterwards they find that the man was a traveler who was staying at the The Thirsty Axe. They find very little in his room however, and close the case at that.

Gozran 8

Dobbs arrives in town with word from Oleg Leveton. He is worried about this new woman taking care of Svetlana and asks the group if they know anything about her. After talking with Gedu, they find that the woman, nicknamed Goody was Gedu’s instructor at a hospital in Restov.

Vors, Stan, and Yuri all head towards Oleg’s Trading Post to check on Svetlana, while Volgrin stays in town.

At the trading post, they find Goody to be somewhat friendly, but suspicious, especially when it comes to discussions about religion. Svetlana seems to be in good health and likes Goody, but Oleg isn’t sure about her, and tells the group that Goody even made veiled propositions to him.

Vors decides to go to Restov to check Goody’s references, and takes off on his own, riding full speed through the night. Meanwhile, Stan decides to remove Svetlana from Goody’s care, placing Jhod Kavken in charge for now. During the night, Goody tries to flee from the camp, but Stan gets in her way. Goody attacks Stan with magic, stunning him to facilitate her escape. She flees into the nearby woodlands.

On the way to Restov, Vors barely escapes an attacking Manticore. In the city, he finds that Goody had indeed worked at the local hospital for some time. There seems to be an unusual amount of infant deaths while she worked there.

Gozran 11

Back in Cedwyn, Volgrin attempts to woo Thali, who is planning to leave on an expedition through the swamps with a less than experienced group of adventurers. Volgrin decides to hire them all to come with him into the tunnels below the Old Sycamore. When they get down there, the adventuring group quickly bores of the tunnels and heads back. Thali agrees to stay with Volgrin and explore a bit further.

The group is now split, with Volgrin exploring the tunnels, and the rest of the group back in Cedwyn.

Chapter 9 - Death & Adultry

Pharast 12

The group investigates the corpse in the road, when they are interrupted by the man’s wife – Mary. Vors leads her back to her house and talks to her and her son Thomas. The group discovers that the dead man was having an affair on his wife with a half-elf named Svanha. When they try to track Svanha down they find that she had already left town.

Pharast 13

Upon returning to talk to Mary and Thomas, the group finds both of them gone. Rex follows Thomas’ scent, leading Volgrin Steelfoot into the woods west of town. Volgrin finds Thomas there and tries to talk him into coming back home. When he continues to refuse, Volgrin knocks him out and drags him back. The group tries to track down Mary as well, but her scent ends at the cliffside above the Tuskwater lake, leading them to believe that she has taken her own life. Thomas soon leaves the next day, going off on his own into the wilds.

Pharast 14

The group follows Svanha’s scent to the east until they find hoofprints. They follow them down across the river south until they hear cries coming from the nearby crags. Upon investigation they are attacked by a Leucrotta that is mimicking the cries of a woman.

Pharast 15

Svanha’s trail ends at an abandoned ferry station. The group suspects that she took a boat from here, following the river south. They explore the river looking for any other leads, but find nothing and decide to explore their way back to town.

Pharast 17

The group heads north, exploring the area and finds a large bowl-shaped swamp, with huge mushrooms growing. Upon investigation, a patch of mushrooms rises up and attacks them – a creature called Tendriculos ferociously fights off the group. During the combat, the creature picks up Stan and swallows him whole. By the time Yuri “The Beheader” kills the thing and cuts its stomach open, Stan is already dead – eaten by the thing’s stomach acid.

Pharast 18

The group carries their friend’s body back to town, attempting to keep his death secret, as he is the ruler of Cedwyn and his death would be very demoralizing for the town.

Pharast 19

The group decides to travel to Varnhold and ask Caspar Morgarion to revive Stan. They sell off all of Stan’s belongings, including his newly built house to afford the price.

Pharast 20

Rumors begin circulating that Grabbles, the king of the mites has returned. When Volgrin goes to the Old Sycamore to investigate, he finds the place empty.

Pharast 22

Vors and Yuri arrive at Varnhold with Stan’s body. Caspar needs a large diamond to bring Stan back to life. He suspects they might have one in Restov. Vors sets off, riding at full speed to Restov. There, he buys a diamond with the money they had gathered and rides back to Varnhold.

Pharast 23

Through an elaborate ritual, Caspar brings Stan back from death. He is weaker now, and has a strange fear of fungus, but he is alive.

Pharast 28

Finally, everybody is back in Cedwyn together.

Chapter 8 - Uncommonly Cold

Kuthona 1

Hearing about the cleric in Varnhold, Vors Detal and Yuri “The Beheader” begin their journey, with Elwenel leading the way. When they stop in at Oleg’s Trading Post, Jhod Kavken joins them for the remainder of their journey as well. It takes them about four days to get to Varnhold, and aside from spotting a herd of Centaurs in the Nomen Heights, there is no incidents along the road.

Back in Cedwyn, Stan and Volgrin Steelfoot begin searching for a person to fill the Magister role of the kingdom. After posting advertisements for the position and searching around town, they can find nobody. With winter coming strong, the influx of citizens has diminished to almost nothing. They decide to visit crazy old Bokken to see if he could perform the duties. He agrees to a three month employment until they can find somebody else.

Kuthona 5

In Varnhold, Yuri and Vors become reaquainted with Caspar Morgarion, who cures them of the Wight’s energy drain. They spend a day in bedrest, recovering from the ordeal.

Volgrin is healed from his energy drain by Gedu, who seems pleased to help.

Kuthona 6

Snow falls heavily overnight and by morning the world seems to be a white sheet. Yuri and Vors are somewhat trapped in Varnhold. They spend that time hunting for a wolf for Vors, as he wants to train one. They find a wolf cub huddled in a hollow tree and Vors takes him into his arms. He quickly names him Rex.

In Cedwyn, the town is suffering from the loss of their crops. Stan organizes hunting parties to try and recover from the lost food sources. People are still forced to eat meager meals, but nobody is starving.

Kuthona 8

After asking around in Varnhold, Yuri and Vors meet a woman named Joanne Vinte, an alchemist who they are considering for the Magister position. She seems capable, although she practices a form of magic that relies on physical elements and chemicals. She is interested, though she is reluctant to travel because of her sickly son – Sarico

Kuthona 15

Yuri, Vors, and Jhod return from Varnhold. Elwenel stays behind. When they stop in at Oleg’s Trading Post, Jhod packs up his things, planning to move permanently to Cedwyn.

Kuthona 25

Pike arrives in Cedwyn, frantic – he says that there is something wrong with Svetlana Leveton. Vors and Yuri immediately head towards Oleg’s at a hurried pace. When they arrive, they find Svetlana very sick and her baby is in danger. They spend the next several days, with Vors pouring all his healing magic into her.

After three days, she makes it through the danger and becomes more stable. Vors decides that somebody needs to be here with her at all times. Jhod feels horrible with himself about leaving right before this happened and decides to stay at Oleg’s until the child is born.

Vors also recruits Gedu, who seems very capable. She will also stay with Svetlana and nurse her through the pregnancy.

Stan even goes to Olegs and helps with the cooking, since Svetlana is no longer able.

Abadius 8

While everybody except Volgrin is gone, a panic spreads through Cedwyn. Slavers have attacked a camp outside of the town and taken several prisoners. Volgrin, Kestan, and a small group of guards chase them down. After a bloody fight in the snow, the slavers are killed, with their leader taken prisoner. Several guards die as well however.

Some of the guard’s families leave the town after this. Many do not feel as safe as before. They have come to realize that they are living in a wild, uncivilized place. The leader of the slavers is beheaded publicly, which seems to allay some fears while creating others.

Abadius 29

The rest of the month passes in a blur. Yuri spends time working at her tavern. Volgrin attempts to befriend Gedu, but their personalities don’t really match well. Stan finishes building his house in Cedwyn. Vors spends a large amount of time with Ellel – the two have now developed a romantic relationship.

The group receives an invitation to visit Varnhold from Maegar Varn himself to create a trade route. Yuri, Stan, and Vors all decide to go, leaving Volgrin in charge of the town.

Pharast 5

In Varnhold, they meet Maegar again and sit down to discuss trade routes. Maegar has built a large house and set himself up quite nicely in it. He has already developed a noble’s attitude and looks at Cedwyn as if it is a lesser town than his own.

After much discussion, they agree to develop a trade route, bringing more food into Cedwyn in exchange for some of the gold from Aillis Mine.

After this meeting, they go to speak to Joanne again about the Magister position. She is more open to moving now and after a short interview, they hire her and agree to transport her and her son to Cedwyn.

Pharast 8

Back in Cedwyn, Volgrin begins seeing flyers around town recruiting a group of adventures for a quest. He meets a dwarf woman named Thali who is looking for her ancestral axe. Volgrin agrees to help her find it and brings Kestan and a group of guards to help. They travel just south of town and find a cave deep underground where her axe is protected by the spirits of the dead. They fight off these spirits together and she reclaims her axe. Kestan is injured in the process and develops Ghoul Fever. Volgrin must quickly deliver him to Gedu at Oleg’s Trading Post. She is able to rid him of the Fever, but Kestan has to remain there several days in recovery.

Pharast 12

Everyone returns to Cedwyn at around the same time. When they arrive, they find quite a commotion. A man was found dead in the streets – nude and with words carved into his skin. “Gyronna is coming”.

Chapter 7 - All Work and No Play

Neth 1

The group works on their kingdom that they have named Cedwyn, performing various duties and planning the expansion of the kingdom. With the exception of Volgrin Steelfoot, they are all itching to get back to adventuring and away from the paperwork and the banality of everyday life.

Yuri begins to see how much work is required to run her own business and hires a halfling named Imar to help her with the tavern.

Vors builds a shrine to Erastil along the road to the north, while also continuing to offer his healing services in the settlement.

Stan works on building his own house in the settlement.

Volgrin begins working on a secret project.

Neth 8

Some townsfolk approach Stan requesting the construction of a sawmill in the Narlmarches nearby.

Neth 15

Loy “Tanner” & Latricia Rezbin approach the group about building a village on the fork in the Skunk River. They are an enthusiastic couple who want to start a village where the Tatzlwyrm den once was. After some contemplation, the group condones the building of the settlement.

Neth 16

Libvros Lebedeh reveals that he is leaving the kingdom. He feels uncomfortable working this close with the Rostland government, when his family is very much involved in Issian politics.

With his upcoming departure, the ruler position will be vacant. The group decides to place Stan in that position and post an opening for the Councilor position. After a series of interviews, they hire a half-elf named Ellel for the councilor role. The magister position is still empty, but the group can find no qualified applicants for the position.

Neth 17

With several people in new positions, the group decides to spend a few days training people in their roles. Yuri spends time strength-training with Kesten Garess, Volgrin works with Dwari, and finds his lack of dwarfness frustrating. Stan works with Akiros and successfully passes on some of his archery skills. Vors spends his time with Ellel – they don’t get much work done, but begin to develop a possible romantic relationship.

Neth 23

With a bit of free time, the group decides to leave the city for a few days and explore a bit to the south of Cedwyn. They follow the cliffside to the east of the Tuskwater lake. After some time travelling, they find a trail that leads down the cliff and into a secluded pool that seems to have once been a common fishing spot. Now, it is the den of a giant snapping turtle. Vors talks to the turtle, who demands that they leave its pool. Not wanting to fight the creature, the group agrees and moves on.

Neth 24

Continuing to follow the cliffs east, the group spots a small roaming herd of five boars. They decide to avoid the creatures by staying downwind and continuing east. The elevation gradually lowers until they have access to the river and find a place that the river can easily be forded to continue south.

Neth 25

The group decides to head north and explore their way back towards Cedwyn. On the way, they spot a fissure in the hillside – an opening that leads into a man-made burial site decorated in ruined mosaics. They make their way into the barrow and find an undead warrior who immediately attacks them. Other skeletons rise from their crypts and attack the group as well. The undead warrior is quite powerful and skilled with his deadly bastard sword. After a particularly difficult fight, the group (with the exception of Stan) finds themselves cursed by the creatures attacks.

Neth 26

Heading back towards Cedwyn, the group stops to camp for the night. During Stan’s watch, he doesn’t hear the pack of wolves approaching and is surprised by a giant warg pouncing on him from behind. His screams wake the camp and they fight off the pack. Vors is barely able to keep Stan alive after the warg rips his throat out.

Neth 27

The group returns to Cedwyn and begins seeking a cleric who can restore the energy that the undead warrior had drained from them. Vors meets a dwarf named Gedu who is able to cast the spell, but it will take her a week to prepare. Knowing that the energy drain can become permanent and unhealable after some time, Vors continues seeking another capable cleric. He hears that the newly built town of Varnhold built by their acquaintance Maegar Varn in the Nomen Heights to the east. He and Yuri begin travelling towards Varnhold, led by a man named Elwenel.

Chapter 6 - The Birth of a Nation

Arodus 5

The group arrives at Oleg’s Trading Post late, and most have gone to bed. They tie up the prisoners, clean up, and call if a night.

Arodus 6

After Libvros interrogates the old man, he finds that the man’s name is Nugrah and he is actually the Stag Lord’s father. Not knowing what to do with the man, they decide to send him with Kesten to Restov, and let the authorities there handle him. Kesten and Cone soon leave, on what should be a four day trip to Restov.

Arodus 11

The group spends four days at Oleg’s, helping him finish the tavern and socializing. On the fifth day after Kesten has left, Vors becomes worried and sends a bird to fly down the road and look for them. The bird reports back that a large group is coming, but can’t identify them as Kesten’s group. Worried that an attack may be imminent, the party decides to repair some of the defenses of the Trading Post. Volgrin is able to repair one of the catapult’s finally, and Vors hunts two stags for food, in case they are under siege for some time.

Arodus 12

The large group arrives, with Kesten in the lead along with a man named Brinian who soon introduces himself as a Sword Lord of Rostland. They are followed by a group of twenty or so workers and guards. After a long conversation Brinian details that the Sword Lords are thankful for the party’s progress in the region and that they hope the party will continue to develop this region. They have sent these workers and supplies for the group to begin building their own kingdom. After this, the Sword Lords must pull back their support, as relations between Rostland and Issia are getting very tense. They hope that the party’s new kingdom will continue having good relations with Rostland in the future.

Arodus 13

The next day, Brinian leaves and the group begins their work on creating a new kingdom, choosing the former Stag Lord’s Camp as their capitol.

Rova 1

The group and their workers have organized the camp and created a ramshackle settlement of tents and crumbled buildings. Their supplies are organized, their policies are set, and they fall into various roles in the newly forming communities. Their first goal is to repair the fort, and build a road north to Oleg’s.

Rova 13

Volgrin begins working with Kesten, training him to be a Warden of the kingdom.

Rova 16

Akiros returns to the camp, looking for a job. After a short discussion, the group decides to appoint him as spymaster of the kingdom. Stan begins working on building a farmhouse for himself. Yuri spends her time baking and selling her goods to people in the settlement. Vors sets up a tent a works as the doctor of the community, while also taking time to hunt and tan hides for clothing and tents. Volgrin falls comfortably into his duty as Marshall and spends most of his time working.

Rova 22

A minor incident develops at the gates and the group finds that five kobolds, led by Jeruk have come seeking them, saying that humans are attempting to kick them out of the Sootscale Caverns. When they go to the caverns, the group finds a large amount of tents accumulated outside the entrance. Their leader is an elf named Aillis, who claims to be a mining developer, and can’t understand why the group is against kicking the kobolds out to get to the silver.

The group decides to hire this man to develop the Gold Mine to the north, sending Kesten and a group of guards along to keep an eye of the operations.

Lamashan 1

Roads continue being built north towards Oleg’s, and new farmlands are developed outside the fort. The group all works within the settlement, the day-to-day duties of keeping the kingdom operating takes up much of their time. Yuri begins spending much of her time trying to build a tavern in the settlement, which is desired greatly by the people.

Lamashan 18

There are murmurs among the community that some are worried about how the money is being handled, and wonder why a treasurer hasn’t been appointed. Hearing this, the group offers the position to Jhod Kavken, but he turns them down. However, when Vors talks to Oleg Leveton about the job, he agrees to take the position. During their trip to the Trading Post, Svetlana also tells Yuri that she is pregnant.

After this, the group decides to post a notice requesting applications for other remaining government positions. Three of the townsfolk stand out – Dachi who applies for the Magister position, Dwari who applies for the Royal Enforcer position, and Zlasta, who applies for the Grand Diplomat position. After interviews, they decide to hire both Dwari and Zlasta.

Lamashan 26

Yuri finally finishes her tavern, which she names The Thirsty Axe. After gaining most of her funds by selling baked goods, she has gotten a new nickname from many of the people in the community – Yuri “the Breader”. Nobody, however, has yet to have the guts to call her this name to her face.

Lamashan 28

While clearing land for a farm, one of the community falls into a sinkhole and finds a cavern below. Volgrin heads out to investigate and finds a skeletal corpse with a few possessions, but nothing else of interest.

Chapter 5 - Fall of the Stag Lord

Arodus 3 (cont.)

The group travels to the Old Sycamore to confront the mites there. They take the mite prisoner, Mikmak with them. He is quite noisy and very opposed to returning to the Sycamore tree. He pleads for the group to allow him to go free before returning, as he is ashamed at being captured. The group does not relent however, and force him to lead them into the caves below the tree.

They head down into the centipede room, where the giant centipedes immediately emerge from their mounds. Mikmak looks on in horror as the group is forced to defend themselves against the vermin by slaughtering them. Another mite, named Quoggy sees the dead centipedes and flees crying further into the caves.

Further on, they find Grabbles, who is the leader of the mites, surrounded by the rest of the tribe, over a dozen. After a heated conversation, where Libvros tries to talk the mites down, Grabbles announces that there can be no peace and the group is attacked by a few mites who have snuck behind them.

There is a few violent seconds of combat, where Stan, defending himself from the small creatures, kills two of the mites, including Mikmak after the mite bites a chunk out of his earlobe. Libros ends the fight with a hypnotize spell. After Grabbles sees the power of the group, he reconsiders his desire for combat.

The group talks with Grabbles, but the mite is very hard-headed and reluctant to give anything up. Eventually, he agrees to let the group take the kobold’s statue, Old Sharptooth, and the captured kobold, who he says might be dead. Upon further interrogation, Grabbles admits that the statue was sacrificed to the centipede mother, Whiplash.

The group sees a great chasm, and are told that Whiplash’s nest is at the bottom. Grabbles says that the idol was tossed down there, but Libros doesn’t believe he’s telling the truth. The group decides to examine the captive kobold first, but on the way across the chasm, a huge 20-foot long centipede crawls towards Vors.


When Grabbles begins laughing, having planned to lead the group to Whiplash, Vors points at him and commands him to leap into the chasm. Unable to resist the suggestion, Grabbles jumps. His wails are heard drifting up from the nest below, as Whiplash descends to consume him. With his death, Quoggy becomes the leader. She immediately gives the group everything they want, including Old Sharptooth, which was hidden underneath the table in the war-room. Fearfully, she asks the group to please leave and not come back.

The group finds the kobold captive in a room above, tortured nearly to death. Vors is able to heal him and they begin travelling back to the Sootscale Caverns

Arodus 4

During the night, the kobold attempts to escape with Old Sharptooth, but Volgrin spots him and stops him. He does not try to escape again.

That morning, they arrive at the caverns. The kobolds are excited to see them return with the chief’s son and the idol. When they reach Chief Sootscale, he reunites with his son, then he takes the idol in his hands and smashes it on the ground. He calls for the other kobolds to rise up and attack the usurper. The false kobold – Tartuk!

The kobolds attack Tartuk. The group, unsure of what to do, helps a bit, but generally holds back from this fight. When Tartuk tries to flee, Volgrin, Vors, and Sootscale lead the kobolds to hunt him down and kill him. Afterwards, they discover that Tartuk was actually a gnome with evil intentions for the Sootscale clan.

With the kobolds and the mites under control now, the group returns to Oleg’s Trading Post to give everybody the good news and to claim their rewards.

They hand over the radishes they found at the mite’s caverns, the ring they found at the kobolds, and are rewarded for this and for calming the kobolds. They enjoy their dinner at Olegs and meet his two new workers Dandelion and Pike .

Arodus 5

In the morning, the group heads off to confront the Stag Lord. They approach the fort and watch until nightfall. Then they send a message to Akiros. After a few minutes, they receive a reply, telling them the situation and letting them know that the doors will be open. And that they have an imprisoned owlbear.

The group approaches the gates and finds them unlocked as Akiros had promised. Guards however, still spot them upon entering and the fort is alerted. The bandits attack and are cut down. Then the Stag Lord himself emerges. A fearsome battle takes place and eventually the bandits surrender. Yuri however, overcome with rage, kills the remaining bandits. Volgrim, fighting off two of the bandits by himself, notice that one of them is Falgrim Sneeg, the bandit that Kesten was looking for. He knocks Falgrim out and takes him alive.

During the battle, Akiros flees with some supplies. He warns them to be careful of the crazy man who lives in the basement.

Finding the owlbear Akiros had mentioned trapped in a cage, the group frees her and watches as she walks away. She’s very non-aggressive towards them, and almost seems appreciative at their assistance.

When they go down into this basement, they find an old man who possesses some magic power. They subdue him and take him prisoner.

With the Stag Lord defeated and the Fort cleared out, the group returns to Oleg’s with their prisoner and their spoils.

Chapter 4 - Mapping the Greenbelt Part 2

Erastus 27

The group sleeps near the river, recovering from their injuries in the thicket.

Erastus 28

In the morning, the group sees men approaching from the south on horseback. They meet these men and discover that they are bandits who work for the Stag Lord. They initiate combat and Libvros puts the bandits to sleep, except for their leader, a man named Akiros.

Akiros kills the only bandit remaining awake, and hurriedly makes a deal with the group. He does not like working for the Stag Lord and he wants out. He offers to give the group a way in to the fort on the night they decide to attack, if they will let him live and let him go free. He then lets them escape to the west before the rest of the bandits awake. The group doesn’t really know what to make of him at the moment.

Continuing westward, the group hears a barking sound coming from nearby, and sees a pit trap. When Vors investigates the pit, the ground slides out from beneath him and he falls into the pit with a starving Thylacine. After a quick fight, the thylacine is put out of its misery and the group leaves the pit. They finish exploring the area and set down for the night.

Erastus 29

Continuing westward, the group spots a sort of dam over the river. In the middle of the dam, they see a Tatzlwyrm, basking in the sun. Having seen a poster requesting the heads of this beast, the group decides that they should kill it. While planning their attack, another tatzlwyrm joins the first. When the group attacks, the creatures dive into the river, then burst onto the shore. The group was prepared for this attack however, and quickly dispatches the creatures, collecting their heads to turn in for their reward.

Libvros ventures across the dam to search the tatzlwyrm’s den. He finds many corpses, with some valuables, including a rough map of the area.

Erastus 30

The group continues travelling to the west, reaching the edge of the Greenbelt, where it drops down into the swampy regions of the Hooktongue Slough. Here, the smell of rot and death overwhelms them and they see the corpse of what looks like a horse near a pond in the distance. Upon investigation, they find that it is a Unicorn who was killed by potent necromancy before its horn was severed. The death of this creature has somehow caused the area around it to die, and animals stay away.

After much deliberation, the group decides to drag the unicorn to the north, where the map they found said a statue of Erastil is located. Vors hopes that he can draw upon the power of Erastil to bless this corpse and remove its curse.

Erastus 31

As the group travels north, they leave a trail of death behind them from the aura that surrounds the dead unicorn. Finally, they reach the statue of Erastil, in the location that was indicated on the map.


Vors and Stan spend a couple hours cleaning the statue, until Vors feels the power of Erastil flowing through it. He calls upon Erastil’s grace and places his hand on the unicorns corpse, blessing it. He feels the power flowing through himself. He knows that Erastil is pleased with him.

The unicorn begins decaying rapidly. Maggots sprout from it’s torn skin and eat the corpse away in front of the group, returning the dead to the Earth, as it should be. The aura seems to be dissipating. Pleased with the group, Erastil blesses their weapons, preparing them for any upcoming fights.

Mid-day now, the group heads eastward, planning to explore the uncharted areas of their map on the way back to Oleg’s Trading Post. They enter a swampy clearing in the forest containing a couple buildings. Seeing webbed prints on the ground, Libvros decides to call out to see if anybody is there.

From around the building a boggard rides on the back of a large tusked frog called a Slurk. After a struggling attempt at communication, Volgrin casts a comprehend languages spell on himself and the boggard. The boggard introduces himself as Garuum and says that he is the king of this area. After some discussion, he agrees to a truce with the group. Volgrin makes some signs for his area out of nearby lumber and posts them around Garuum’s kingdom (the roughly 100-yard area of swamp in this clearing. Garuum tells them about the large boar to the east and lets them stay in his guest room for the night.

Arodus 1

The group says goodbye to Garuum in the morning, and continues east. Expecting to find the large boar known as Tuskgutter here, they are not surprised when they see a den formed from a fallen pine tree and a large boar scuffling in the dirt nearby. They shoot the boar from a distance before it charges in, injuring it severely. The creature goes into a ferocious charge and gores Volgrin, but the dwarf withstands the pain and chops the boar’s head clean off.

With their bag full of heads, the group travels back to Oleg’s. They arrive at nightfall and are welcomed by Kesten . They take this opportunity to bathe and have a good night’s rest.

Arodus 2

The next day, the group spends the day talking with the occupants of Oleg’s Trading Post. Libvros spends much of the day trading equipment with Oleg. Stan spends time with Svetlana , though she seems uncomfortable around him. Yuri spends the day baking in Svetlana’s kitchen. Volgrin further examines the catapults on top of the fort’s towers. Vors talks to Jhod about the statue of Erastil and the power that he felt there, and helps Oleg work on the tavern that he is building inside the fort.

Arodus 3

The group says goodbye to everybody and sets out again, this time heading down to where the rivers intersect and following the river east. They hear a whimpering and spot a cave entrance. Approaching cautiously, they see inside the cave a kobold, guarding a mite who is trapped in a cage. The kobold asks them if they can help and wants to take them to the Chief.

The group follows the kobold into the caverns, where they meet Chief Sootscale. The Chief asks for their help, as the mites have stolen their god, an idol they call Old Sharptooth. The chief also says that his son was part of a party sent to retrieve radishes. The group was attacked by mites and his son is missing. He thinks that the mites are holding him in their tree.

Libvros negotiates with the chief, and the chief relents that they can take the imprisoned mite, and all the treasure that the kobolds have if they will only return his son. The group agrees and heads towards the Old Sycamore where the mites live.

Chapter 3 - Mapping the Greenbelt

Erastus 9

The group argues over what to do with the remaining bandit. Libvros had offered him freedom in exchange for his information, but others in the group did not agree with this. They came to the conclusion to tie him to one of the horses found in the camp and Vors sent the horse back to Oleg’s Trading Post.

When the group sets out, Libvros finds that his backpack has been filled with horse dung.

With that taken care of, the group returned to the Radish Patch that had passed a few days earlier, hoping to harvest some Moon Radishes for Svetlana . When they get there however, they find the patch has been all but destroyed by the kobolds and the kobolds have left with their radishes. They decide to follow the kobolds tracks, leading south along the Thorn River.

They sleep near a rickety bridge that crosses the river. In the distance, they can see a huge Sycamore Tree on top of a hill several miles away.

Erastus 10

The group continues to follow the kobold tracks along the Thorn River until it connects with another river flowing south. They follow this river upstream to the east a bit before they find the remains of the kobolds they had been following, along with a dead Mite. It seems the kobolds were attacked by another group and there was a scuffle, which the kobold’s lost. The victors left towards the north.

Following these new tracks, they see that the trail leads directly towards the large sycamore tree they had seen the day before. As the sun sets, they decide to camp near the tree. During the night, something sneaks into camp and eats much of the rations from their saddlebags.

Erastus 11

The group further examines the Sycamore Tree and finds an entrance that leads to a cave system under giant tree. Yuri, scouting ahead, sees several mites, who remain oblivious to them. The group is unsure of whether to precede, but when a draconic scream comes from below, they decide to move forward.

Libvros tries to talk to the mites, but cannot overcome the language barrier. When the mites sound an alarm, the group decides to back out and go somewhere else.

They wait outside for some time, but the mites do not emerge. They decide to continue travelling east, leaving the mites alone for now.

As they travel, they come to a cliffside with a river far below. A rope bridge once stood here, but has been destroyed.

During the night, Yuri has a very vivid dream of a corpse walking out of the river and approaching her. When she tries to wake her friends, she is unable. The corpse tells her that his name is Davik and demands that she avenge his death by killing the Stag Lord.

Erastus 12

The group travels back to Oleg’s. There, they find that little has changed in the past week that they’ve been gone. They ask about the horse and bandit that they had sent earlier, but find that the horse never arrived. They sell off their equipment and resupply before heading out into the wilderness again.

Erastus 13

The group travels west. In the distance, where the plains meets the Narlmarches, they see an owlbear in the woods with a distinctive zig-zag pattern on his back. They stay back as to not alarm the creature. The owlbear notices them, but walks away into the forest. The group is now on their guard while exploring, as they are unsure as to whether they could handle a fight with the creature.

Erastus 14

It begins raining hard. The group is soaked and movement slows. They continue exploring west into the Narlmarches. While travelling through the rain, Volgrin hears an animal in pain. When they follow the sound, they find a horse – the same horse that they had sent away in the bandit camp nearly a week ago – caught in a bear trap. It lays on its side and screams in pain.

Libvros puts the animal to sleep, while Vors heals its wounds enough to allow it to walk with them. The bandit is nowhere to be found – the ropes around the horse are still in-tact, but the horse has a claw-mark on its flank that makes the group remember the Owlbear.

After exploring the area, the group finds many other bear-traps and disarms and collects them.

During the night, Libvros spots a creature approaching him. Recognizing the creature as one of the fey that have been playing pranks on him. Caught, the creature introduces herself as Tyg Titter-Tut. Her friend, a faerie dragon named Pervilash joins her and they talk with Libvros about the area, saying that he is one of the “nice biggenses” and they are appreciative for them helping the horse and disarming the traps. They tell Libvros about a Temple and a Hot Springs to the south and even point these locations out on the group’s map.

Erastus 15

The group continues west until the Narlmarches fades away to flat plains.

Erastus 16

The group explores further west and finds themselves in a flat plains that descends into swampland further west. Exploring this area they find a mound of stones with a large blackberry bush growing from it. Assuming that the location marks something, Volgrin digs and finds a corpse still wearing a strange green wooden ring that depicts a frog and an eel entangled.

Erastus 17

The group heads south, exploring the edges of the Narlmarches. Looking west, they feel sorry for the group sent to explore that horrid looking swamp-land.

Erastus 18

Storms come out of nowhere and the group is forced to take shelter from rain and hail in the trees. During the downpour they are attacked by a pair of Thylacines. They fight the creatures off and continue exploring, heading east, back into the Narlmarches.

Erastus 19

As the group heads into the forest, they begin to smell a sulfuric rotten-egg smell. They find the hot springs that Pervilash had pointed out earlier. He did not mention the smell however. They keep a wide berth from the springs, as to avoid the giant frogs there.

Erastus 20

Continuing east, they find the Temple that Pervilash had mentioned as well. The temple of Erastil has been desecrated in some way, and Vors senses that the source of that desecration is from the horrible looking bear that seems to be standing guard there.

The group decides that the bear must be killed, and a fast brutal fight ensues. The bear focuses all its anger on Vors and quickly incapacitates him. After Yuri delivers the final blow on the creature however, Vors is quickly healed by the power of Erastil. The bear transforms before the group’s eyes into an old man, and then quickly decays and disintegrates to dust. With the bear dead, the curse on the Temple seems to be lifted. When Vors blesses the place, the water in the temple’s basin turns clear and animals come from the forest around to drink from it.

The group sleeps in the temple, getting the best sleep that they’ve had in weeks.

Erastus 21

Heading north to finish exploring the Narlmarches, the group comes across a pile of logs that seem to have been cut loose, causing them to fall on a man, who lies crushed beneath them. Upon examination, they find the man is the same trapper who had set all the traps they found earlier.

Erastus 22

Exploring east, on their way back to Oleg’s the group finds the nests of Pervilash and Tyg Titter-Tut.

The faeries offer to feed the group, and when they set down for the night, the faeries bring them a bag full of fruit, nuts, and berries. During their conversation, they all but confirm that they are the ones who killed the trapper, in a “very good prank.”

Stan falls victim to one of their pranks that night as well, as they feed him a fruit that is a potent hallucinogenic. Unfortunately, Libvros cuts their fun short by putting Stan to sleep.

Erastus 23

The group returns to Oleg’s. They tell him about the logs and find out that the trapper was a man named Breeg Orlivanch, who Oleg says was an “okay guy”. From Kesten , they find that a small group of bandits attacked the fort, but the guards killed them in the fight.

The group talks to Jhod and finds that he has been having visions of this Temple of Erastil, and is thankful that the group has cleansed it. Sensing that he is withholding some information, they find that Jhod has recently been excommunicated from the order of Erastil and has come to Oleg’s because there’s nowhere else to go where he can help. He is hesitant to talk about why he was excommunicated, however, and the group decides not to push him.

Erastus 24

Heading back south along the Thorn River, the group explores the area around the rickety bridge they had found earlier, but don’t find anything terribly interesting.

Erastus 25

The group heads south and explores the area around the fork in the river. They find crossing here is fairly easy due to an abundance of stones in the river here.

Erastus 26

Heading west, the group comes across a large thicket of thorny bushes. Vors comes up with an idea to make shin-guards for the horse from treebark, and spends the day crafting this makeshift armor.

Erastus 27

The group heads into the brambles. A short way into the bushes, they find that the entire bramble is infested with Chew Spiders. They are quickly swarmed by these spiders. Yuri is thrown from her horse and the group rescues her and sets fire to the brambles. The bushes catch quickly and the fire spreads fast, burning a large area and sending billowing black smoke into the sky. The group escapes, but the smoke has definitely signaled their presence to anybody around.

Chapter 2 - Search for the Thorn Ford Camp

Sarenith 29

The group prepares to leave Oleg’s Trading Post and head out into the Greenbelt. Before they leave, Oleg pulls them aside and asks them to look out for Svetlana’s ring, which the bandits had taken from her.

The party sets out towards the south. On the first day of the journey, they explore a section of land to the southeast of Oleg’s. They encounter a giant trapdoor spider, nearly as big as their horses, who attacks Tamaki. With very little struggle, they are able to kill the spider. In the spider’s den they find the corpse of a bandit, along with what appears to be some sort of treasure map pointing towards a tree that looks like a claw, reaching towards the sky.

Sarenith 30

The group continues to explore towards the west, travelling through the forests of the Narlmarches. They hear squabbling through the trees and are able to spot a group of kobolds, gorging themselves on Moon Radishes. They confront the kobolds, but do not attack. The kobolds give them a bit of information, and tell them to stay away from their radishes. The group decides that they are not worth fighting and continues on their way.

During their travels, a blur of motion is spotted around Libvros’ horse. When they stop for the night, Libvros tumbles off his horse, discovering that his boot laces have somehow been tied to his stirrup.

Erastus 1

The group decides to travel back to Oleg’s to get some good rest. When they arrive, they find the place bustling with activity. New faces abound and the group meets Maegar Varn along with his group who are tasked to explore the Nomen Heights and arrange a treaty with the centaurs there. They also meet Kesten Garess and his men who were sent to protect Oleg’s post from the bandits. Finally they meet Jhod Kavken who is a cleric of Erastil who came to offer his services as a physician at the Trading Post. Oleg begins work on expanding the post to include a tavern and inn.

Erastus 2

The group stays at Oleg’s, taking cover from the rains that beat down throughout the day.

Erastus 3

The rains continue until mid-day before finally letting up and the skies clear. Maegar takes this opportunity to lead his group eastward towards Restov.

The group decides to head out as well, planning on going east and making a circle around to look for the bandit’s camp. They head out east until they see a hut on a hilltop, and a strange man dancing naked outside.

Here, they meet Bokken, a somewhat crazy man who makes potions and sells them to Oleg. He asks the group to be on the look out for Fangberries and tells them that he will sell them potions and identify potions for them for a price, for nothing is free in Bokken’s hut.

Erastus 4

The group travels south until they spot a single pair of footprints by a small creature, wandering further southwest. They follow them throughout the day.

Erastus 5

As the footprints continue further south, the group diverges from them when they spot a tree on a hilltop in the distance that looks exactly like the claw-like tree depicted on the map they had found on the corpse a week ago. They find a hidden cache of items buried there that could be helpful in the future.

Erastus 6

Continuing westward, they spot a cave. Upon inspection, they find that the inside is riddled with veins of gold. Taking note of it’s location, they plan to return in the future with proper equipment and manpower.

Erastus 7

The group considers returning north towards Oleg’s Post, but instead decides to check westward in the Narlmarches, as they think that might be where the bandit’s camp is located. Sure enough, shortly after going into the forest, they spot a guard posted on a platform in the trees.

They quickly form a plan and attack the camp. During the battle, things go south and the group is outnumbered and outpositioned. Both Tamaki and Vors are injured in the battle, but the group is able to kill the bandits, along with their leader – a particularly vicious woman named Kressle. They leave one bandit alive to interrogate.

Erastus 8

The group rests throughout the day, to give Vors and Tamaki a chance to recover from their wounds. They interrogate the bandit, who accepts Libvros’ deal that if he gives them information about the Stag Lord’s Camp, he will be set free. He tells them that the camp is located on the northern shore of the Tuskwater River, and that the password to enter is “By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?”. Then, when he thinks he is going to be set free, Yuri punches him in the face and knocks him unconscious.

The group is undecided on what to do with him now, as half the group does not want to let him free.

Chapter 1 - Arrival at Oleg's
Session Summary 6/28/2015

The party traveled south from Brevoy towards Oleg’s Trading Post, with charters that tasked them to explore the Stolen Lands. During the four day trip, they learned a bit about each other and shared stories over the campfire.

When they arrived at the Trading Post, they met Oleg and Svetlana Leveton. They soon learned that they had been promised to help the Levetons with their bandit problem. After a bit of planning, they set up an ambush for the bandits upon their arrival the next day.

They were upon the bandits in seconds, giving them little opportunity to defend themselves. In mere moments the fighting was over. Three bandits lay dead, while their leader Happs was knocked unconscious and tied up for interrogation. The bandit’s horses were taken to the stable. Conveniently there was one for each member of the adventuring party.

Upon interrogation of Happs, they discovered the location of both the Thorn Ford Camp and the Stag Lord’s Camp, along with a bit of information about Kressle and the Stag Lord himself. When he had spilled all his information, they executed him for his crimes.

Now, with knowledge of the bandit’s camps, the party prepares to set out to bring these criminals to justice in their efforts to make this wild frontier a bit safer.


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