Chapter 1 - Arrival at Oleg's
Session Summary 6/28/2015

The party traveled south from Brevoy towards Oleg’s Trading Post, with charters that tasked them to explore the Stolen Lands. During the four day trip, they learned a bit about each other and shared stories over the campfire.

When they arrived at the Trading Post, they met Oleg and Svetlana Leveton. They soon learned that they had been promised to help the Levetons with their bandit problem. After a bit of planning, they set up an ambush for the bandits upon their arrival the next day.

They were upon the bandits in seconds, giving them little opportunity to defend themselves. In mere moments the fighting was over. Three bandits lay dead, while their leader Happs was knocked unconscious and tied up for interrogation. The bandit’s horses were taken to the stable. Conveniently there was one for each member of the adventuring party.

Upon interrogation of Happs, they discovered the location of both the Thorn Ford Camp and the Stag Lord’s Camp, along with a bit of information about Kressle and the Stag Lord himself. When he had spilled all his information, they executed him for his crimes.

Now, with knowledge of the bandit’s camps, the party prepares to set out to bring these criminals to justice in their efforts to make this wild frontier a bit safer.


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