Chapter 18 - The Death of Hargulka

Desnus 14 (continued)

The group prepares themselves for the upcoming battle. They know it will be difficult and dangerous, but they press on anyways, venturing back down into the Troll fortress. They find the place empty. All the remaining trolls have gathered in Hargulka’s throne room.

Hargulka holds an unconscious Falchos by one of his legs. She greets the group and wastes no time ordering her trolls to attack, before throwing Falchos’ limp body across the room. Pervilash sits inside a cage to the side of the room, trying to break free to help the fight. Tyg-Titter-Tut goes to his aid, but is soon accosted by one of the trolls, who grabs her and tries to stuff her in its mouth.

During the fight, Volgrin distracts Hargulka by using his superior mobility and defense to dance around her feet, hacking into her legs with his bastard sword. Vors, Stan, and Yuri fight off the other trolls, trying to keep themselves from getting overwhelmed by the massive creatures. Pervilash offers magical assistance from within his cage.

The battle is close, with death possible from every blow. Yuri falls and nearly bleeds out on the ground before Vors comes to her rescue. Pervilash is smashed inside his cage, but Tyg is able to reach him in time and pull him to safety. Stan nearly falls as well, clawed and smashed by the trolls.


Eventually, the trolls begin to fall. Vors lights one on fire with an oil flask and a well applied spark, then Yuri tosses its burning corpse onto another one, beginning a fiery chain reaction of burning trolls. The panicked trolls are easier to control and the group is able to fight them back. Finally, Hargulka herself attempts to flee, but is beheaded by Yuri, who then uses Hargulka’s Thundering Mace to destroy the rock troll as well. The group is exhausted, but the trolls all lie dead at their feet.

The group rests. Vors applies some much needed magical aid to Falchos, who is a bit less than happy to see them. He blames the group for Tyressia’s death, saying that they lead the trolls directly to Tyressia’s grove. Stan tries to calm him, and succeeds in getting him to talk at least, but Falchos soon goes off on his own in the night.

Desnus 15
The group heads back to Cedwyn, exploring the wilderness along the way. Tyg and Pervilash go their own way, heading off in an attempt to find Falchos and keep him from getting himself killed.

Desnus 17
Finally back in Cedwyn, the group rests for a couple weeks, falling back into the routine of everyday life.

Chapter 17 - Drunks, Drakes and Dryads

Desnus 12
The group travels across the Tuskwater towards the mud bowl to get the rattlecap mushrooms for the Old Beldame. They quickly find them and continue south to explore more uncharted territories.

In this hilly region they hear a loud thumping noise coming from the other side of a large hill. Volgrin casts invisibility on himself and goes to check out the commotion. There he finds a giant, who calls himself Munguk. The giant seems to be in a particularly foul mood due to a lack of moonshine. Volgrin promises him moonshine and then leaves. The group sets up a camp nearby, with plans to make moonshine the following day somehow.

During the night, the group is attacked by two trolls. During the fight, Munguk, who seems to have a dislike towards the “ugly troll men”, comes and helps smash them. After the fight, it seems Munguk may continue smashing, but Volgrin is able to talk him down with the promise of moonshine in the morning.

Desnus 13

The next morning, Vors uses his magic to make a banquet fit for a king, or a giant in this case. Munguk quickly devours everything and collapses into a food coma. The group leaves him be and heads west to continue exploring. They enter the forests here and spend the day scouting the region, finding nothing of interest.

During the night, Vors sets up a glyph of warding to protect the camp, allowing them all to get a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, during the night, they are visited by an old friend – Tyg Titter-Tut crosses the glyph and immediately explodes. Stan hears the noise and Volgrin is able to heal her up before she dies.

More bad news follows however, when Tyg tells the group that trolls have attacked Melianse’s grove. They cut down her bondtree, and killed her. Falchos and Pervilash have headed towards the Troll Fortress to seek revenge, while she came looking for them, as she does not think that her friends will survive that attack.

Desnus 14
The group sets a fast pace towards the Troll Fortress. On the way, they hear cracking and breaking branches as the forest drake they had heard about dives in to attack them. They quickly leap off their horses and engage the drake, who spits acid clouds at them. After a short fight, they are able to kill the drake. Vors wants to collect the beast’s hide, but there is no time. They continue towards the troll fortress.

There, they find the place more heavily guarded than the last time they were here. It seems as if the trolls expect them. After much deliberation, they come up with a plan of attack and head up to the front of the fortress. Tyg flies in through the window and unlocks the door, allowing the group to charge in and kill the trolls guarding the front door. One troll escapes to warn the other. They know that there are more below, and that they will be ready for a fight.

Chapter 16 - The Hag & The Hermit

Desnus 9


With no pressing matters upon them, the group decides to head out and take care of some unfinished business with the giant turtle known locally as Old Crackjaw. They head to the turtles beach and noisily cause trouble until the turtle emerges. Then they mercilessly kill it, preventing any further attacks on fishermen in the area. Vors takes the turtle’s shell to use in some future project.

Desnus 10

The group heads back southwest of Cedwyn to explore the region further. In the marshes along the coast of the Tuskwater, they find a hut belonging to a strange looking woman who says she is called the Old Beldame. She brings Stan alone into her hut where they have some soup made from Old Crackjaw. She warns them about the hermit to the south, and the wisps that haunt Candlemere Tower. She also asks him to be on the lookout for some Rattlecap Mushrooms, which are found in the mud bowl to the east of the Tuskwater. Stan remembers this place well. She then says goodbye and the group travels on.

Desnus 11

In the forests to the south, the group encounters a man who calls himself Bokken. He is not the Bokken that the group knows however. The group senses a trap quickly, but follows the hermit anyways. They are unsurprised when he attacks them along with his pet puma. They quickly dispatch them both.

They follow the hermit’s tracks back to a small home inside a large hollow tree. There, they find some valuables including a portrait of a woman, who the group does not recognize.

Chapter 15 - Fur & Feathers

Gozran 22

The group ambushes the owlbear, who goes into a rage, forcing them to kill it. They find some strange things about the owlbear, that seem to point to somebody controlling it. There is the fresh corpse of a man wearing a cursed ring. The owlbear is also wearing leather barding of some type that seems to have been custom made for it.

In another portion of the caves, they find the corpses of men littering the floor around the corpses of a female owlbear and her two cubs. When they inspect further, they hear a whining coming from under the mother and find a third cub trapped under her, protected by her corpse. Vors decides to take it and return it to health.

The group travels back to town to recover. Vors takes the owlbear to his personal shrine to keep him hidden.

Gozran 23 – Desnus 6

The group takes time to recover from the Owlbear attack. Vors nurses the owlbear cub back to health. Ellel comes out to spend some time with him at the shrine as well. The cub is awkward and nervous at first, but slowly begins to become more active and responsive.

The rest of the group takes some much needed leisure time before working at their positions in the city.

The city is slowly recovering from the attack, and rebuilding the areas that were demolished.

Desnus 7

A woman and her unconscious son come to the temple to plea for help. Vors heals the boy and listens to their plea. The son, Martin says that he and his brother Tig were fishing by the river, when they were ambushed by lizard folk. They knocked Martin out and took Tig with them. The mother pleads with Vors to go save her son.

Desnus 8

The group gets together and heads to the south, where the map they got from Jubilost Narthropple shows the Lizardfolk Camp. There, they confront the lizardfolk who guard the gate. After a short battle, they convince the lizardfolk to surrender and the tribe leader comes out to speak with them.


Vesket the Lizard King comes out and tells them of Stisshak, the spirit of their ancestor who speaks to them and tells them what to do. Stisshak commanded that they kidnap the boy and torture him. Many of the lizard folk are upset by this, as they would rather just eat the boy, but Stisshak wants Tig alive and scared. Vesket does not believe that Stisshak is actually the spirit of an ancestor like he claims. He suspects some magic at play and agrees to let the group come in and take Tig if they can take care of Stisshak for him.

The group confronts Stisshak and finds it to be a will-o-wisp – a magical creature that feeds on fear. They eliminate it and free Tig from the lizardfolk. Vesket agrees to stay away from Cedwyn in exchange for the humans staying away from their camp.

The group returns Tig to his thankful mother and goes back to Cedwyn.

Chapter 14: Trolls & Tracking

Gozran 19

Seeing that they are facing superior forces, the group decides their best option is to escape from Hargulka and the Troll Fortress. They barely escape with their lives and flee into the forest. The trolls follow them for some distance before losing them in the forests. The group stops at Tiressia’s grove and rests for the night.

Gozran 20

The group begins travelling through the forest back towards Cedwyn. They have to stop and camp on the way.


Gozran 21

Back in Cedwyn the group finds their city in turmoil. A huge owlbear attacked the town only hours before the group arrived, killing people and destroying buildings before fleeing to the east. Kesten Garess and a big portion of the towns guards had left to handle a banditry issue in the north, leaving the town with little defense against the beast.

The group does not tarry in town and instead begins tracking the owlbear. It’s moving fast and not stopping. Even Rex cannot catch the owlbear, but they do not lose the tracks.

Gozran 22

They continue tracking the owlbear until they find a cave in the southeast Kamelands. Inside, they find, among other monsters – the Owlbear.

Chapter 13 - Hodag & Hargulka

Gozran 18


South of Tiressia’s grove, the group finds the trail of a creature called a Hodag. They track this creature to it’s den and set up a trap to kill it. This creature was known to cause problems in the area, and the group felt it should be eliminated. They set the den on fire and the creature charged out, fighting them to the death. After the smoke cleared, the group digs through the den and then explores the area before camping for the night.

Gozran 19

Continuing south, the group spots a Fortress built into the cliffside on the mountains high above. They make their way up the narrow trail, then send Volgrin to sneak up and take a look. He notices that this fortress is dwarven made, and peeks through one of the windows to see two trolls within, eating some strange stew from a large pot. Volgrin knocks at the door and attempts to bluff his way through a conversation, but soon the Trolls tire of him and attack.

The rest of the group joins the fray and the conflict soon attracts the attention of other trolls within the fortress. The group is able to kill several of them, and set them on fire to completely destroy them. Further into the fortress, they fight off another Troll – this one particularly strong, and with two heads. They also find the corpse of an unfortunate halfling.

Continuing further, they find themselves in the chamber of the Troll’s leader, a huge Troll who announces herself as Hargulka. She wields a giant morningstar, with lightning arcing between the spikes on the head. With her is a Rock Troll, a troll hound and two other trolls that serve as her guards. Without much discussion, she orders the trolls to attack.

Chapter 12 - The Dancer & The Dead

Gozran 16

West of the dryad’s grove, the group finds an Abandoned Keep. Inside, they are attacked by a Quickling, who soon has them trapped in one of the towers. They are finally able to get past his annoying tactics and kill him before exploring the rest of the keep.

In the central tower, they find a beautiful woman dancing, her movements hypnotizing. She begins to entrance the men in the group, and attacks Yuri while they are stunned. The group soon comes to their senses and they kill the woman, who is actually some kind of devil.


In another tower, they are attacked by a creature known as a Grimstalker. They quickly fight him off as well. Finally, they find a tower filled with the corpses of victims that have met their unfortunate fate in the area around this Keep. They decide to spend the rest of the day and the next giving these poor creatures a proper burial.

Chapter 11 - Drowning Gnomes & Dryads

Gozran 11

After a fruitless expedition of exploring the tunnels below the Old Sycamore, Thali becomes bored and wants to return to the surface. Volgrin agrees and the two return. Thali soon takes her leave and goes to rejoin her other adventuring party and head into the swamps west of Cedwyn.

Gozran 12

With Volgrin returned and the party now all back together, they decide to go explore the wilds. A pack of large wolves have been terrorizing the Kamelands east of Cedwyn. The group spends the day hunting this pack down and killing its enormous leader. Vors and Rex are able to somewhat tame the rest of the pack, with Rex becoming their new alpha. Vors vicariously leads the pack as they continue to travel.

Gozran 13

The group travels back through Cedwyn and heads southeast into the unexplored areas around their kingdom. They soon come to a river, with a wagon trapped in the center of the water. It appears the horses were fording the river and panicked midway. A battered gnome upon a loaded cart calls for help. The group manages to get the gnome and his group across the river and they sit down and camp for the night.

The gnome is Jubilost Narthropple – an explorer who has been leading this expedition through the Narlmarches, and is on his way towards Cedwyn now, where he hopes to set up a small business selling maps. He trades information with the group, telling them about several locations to the south of the Narlmarches.

Gozran 14

The next day, Jubilost and his group heads off towards Cedwyn, while our heroes cross the river south and head west. They soon run hear angry voices coming from a grove nearby. They come across a conflict where an angry nixie named Melianse has ensorcelled two lumberjacks, threatening to kill three other loggers. The group tries to calm this situation down, but the nixie is upset that the loggers have chopped down all her coachwood trees, which are extremely old and extremely rare.

The group is able to negotiate the logger’s release, but not before the nixie burns one of the logger’s arm’s off with magic. The group follows the loggers back to Tatzlford, the new town that has been formed by Loy and Latricia Rezbin. After a quick meeting, the group is able to ensure that the loggers will not return to harrass the nixie. They then head into the forest north of the river and track down some coachwood seeds to return to the nixie, to help restore her grove. The nixie is appreciative, if not necessarily satisfied.

Gozran 15

The group continues west from the nixie’s grove and spots a beautiful tree in a clearing rising high above the others. The sun seems to shine directly onto it, giving it an almost unnatural glow. Upon investigation, they find the grove of a dryad named Tiressia. This is her bonded oak, and she lives her with her friend, a satyr named Falchos

After some discussion with Tiressia, she pleas for their help. She is in danger, as a Scythe Tree, a creature that feeds off the flesh of dryads, is coming towards her. Tiressia and Falchos have attempting to fight the scythe tree off, but were unable and Falchos was injured in the battle. She pleads with Stan in particular to save her, and the group agrees.


South of the grove, the group discovers the Scythe Tree, a horribly evil creature that they soon destroy. They return to Tiressia, and she is very grateful. She takes Stan into her tree and is even more grateful to him personally.

Chapter 10 - Werewolves & Women

Gozran 1

Things are quiet in Cedwyn. Gedu returns to town, after spending the last several weeks taking care of Svetlana Leveton. This doesn’t raise any eyebrows just yet.

Gozran 5

After hearing of murders and mutilations of livestock in the area around the city, the group begins investigating. What they find is evidence that a large beast has been attacking at night. They suspect a werewolf after finding a set of bare human footprints leading back into the city. They set a trap using the sheep (and Volgrin Steelfoot and Rex dressed as sheep) to lure the werewolf out. Miraculously, it works and they combat the werewolf to the death.

Afterwards they find that the man was a traveler who was staying at the The Thirsty Axe. They find very little in his room however, and close the case at that.

Gozran 8

Dobbs arrives in town with word from Oleg Leveton. He is worried about this new woman taking care of Svetlana and asks the group if they know anything about her. After talking with Gedu, they find that the woman, nicknamed Goody was Gedu’s instructor at a hospital in Restov.

Vors, Stan, and Yuri all head towards Oleg’s Trading Post to check on Svetlana, while Volgrin stays in town.

At the trading post, they find Goody to be somewhat friendly, but suspicious, especially when it comes to discussions about religion. Svetlana seems to be in good health and likes Goody, but Oleg isn’t sure about her, and tells the group that Goody even made veiled propositions to him.

Vors decides to go to Restov to check Goody’s references, and takes off on his own, riding full speed through the night. Meanwhile, Stan decides to remove Svetlana from Goody’s care, placing Jhod Kavken in charge for now. During the night, Goody tries to flee from the camp, but Stan gets in her way. Goody attacks Stan with magic, stunning him to facilitate her escape. She flees into the nearby woodlands.

On the way to Restov, Vors barely escapes an attacking Manticore. In the city, he finds that Goody had indeed worked at the local hospital for some time. There seems to be an unusual amount of infant deaths while she worked there.

Gozran 11

Back in Cedwyn, Volgrin attempts to woo Thali, who is planning to leave on an expedition through the swamps with a less than experienced group of adventurers. Volgrin decides to hire them all to come with him into the tunnels below the Old Sycamore. When they get down there, the adventuring group quickly bores of the tunnels and heads back. Thali agrees to stay with Volgrin and explore a bit further.

The group is now split, with Volgrin exploring the tunnels, and the rest of the group back in Cedwyn.

Chapter 9 - Death & Adultry

Pharast 12

The group investigates the corpse in the road, when they are interrupted by the man’s wife – Mary. Vors leads her back to her house and talks to her and her son Thomas. The group discovers that the dead man was having an affair on his wife with a half-elf named Svanha. When they try to track Svanha down they find that she had already left town.

Pharast 13

Upon returning to talk to Mary and Thomas, the group finds both of them gone. Rex follows Thomas’ scent, leading Volgrin Steelfoot into the woods west of town. Volgrin finds Thomas there and tries to talk him into coming back home. When he continues to refuse, Volgrin knocks him out and drags him back. The group tries to track down Mary as well, but her scent ends at the cliffside above the Tuskwater lake, leading them to believe that she has taken her own life. Thomas soon leaves the next day, going off on his own into the wilds.

Pharast 14

The group follows Svanha’s scent to the east until they find hoofprints. They follow them down across the river south until they hear cries coming from the nearby crags. Upon investigation they are attacked by a Leucrotta that is mimicking the cries of a woman.

Pharast 15

Svanha’s trail ends at an abandoned ferry station. The group suspects that she took a boat from here, following the river south. They explore the river looking for any other leads, but find nothing and decide to explore their way back to town.

Pharast 17

The group heads north, exploring the area and finds a large bowl-shaped swamp, with huge mushrooms growing. Upon investigation, a patch of mushrooms rises up and attacks them – a creature called Tendriculos ferociously fights off the group. During the combat, the creature picks up Stan and swallows him whole. By the time Yuri “The Beheader” kills the thing and cuts its stomach open, Stan is already dead – eaten by the thing’s stomach acid.

Pharast 18

The group carries their friend’s body back to town, attempting to keep his death secret, as he is the ruler of Cedwyn and his death would be very demoralizing for the town.

Pharast 19

The group decides to travel to Varnhold and ask Caspar Morgarion to revive Stan. They sell off all of Stan’s belongings, including his newly built house to afford the price.

Pharast 20

Rumors begin circulating that Grabbles, the king of the mites has returned. When Volgrin goes to the Old Sycamore to investigate, he finds the place empty.

Pharast 22

Vors and Yuri arrive at Varnhold with Stan’s body. Caspar needs a large diamond to bring Stan back to life. He suspects they might have one in Restov. Vors sets off, riding at full speed to Restov. There, he buys a diamond with the money they had gathered and rides back to Varnhold.

Pharast 23

Through an elaborate ritual, Caspar brings Stan back from death. He is weaker now, and has a strange fear of fungus, but he is alive.

Pharast 28

Finally, everybody is back in Cedwyn together.


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