Oleg's Trading Post


Oleg’s Trading Post is located at the southern edge of Rostland (and thus Brevoy). To the south, the green line of the Narlmarches looms only a few miles away. Owned and operated by Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana , the trading post’s remote location and inconvenient distance from a major river has prevented it from realizing significant financial success.

Now with the developing Kingdom, Oleg’s has been getting much more business. Oleg’s Tavern is a regular stop for travelers from the north who are making their way down to the new kingdom.

Business has been booming at Oleg’s Trading Post. The inside is much more cramped now. Oleg’s personal house has been expanded. He and Svetlana live in the upper portion, and the lower portion is the Tavern. The stables have been expanded and a second floor added above for guest rooms. The guest house has also been expanded and a second floor added to it as well. Total, the inn now has 20 beds available, which are frequently full.

Oleg's Trading Post

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