Chapter 16 - The Hag & The Hermit

Desnus 9


With no pressing matters upon them, the group decides to head out and take care of some unfinished business with the giant turtle known locally as Old Crackjaw. They head to the turtles beach and noisily cause trouble until the turtle emerges. Then they mercilessly kill it, preventing any further attacks on fishermen in the area. Vors takes the turtle’s shell to use in some future project.

Desnus 10

The group heads back southwest of Cedwyn to explore the region further. In the marshes along the coast of the Tuskwater, they find a hut belonging to a strange looking woman who says she is called the Old Beldame. She brings Stan alone into her hut where they have some soup made from Old Crackjaw. She warns them about the hermit to the south, and the wisps that haunt Candlemere Tower. She also asks him to be on the lookout for some Rattlecap Mushrooms, which are found in the mud bowl to the east of the Tuskwater. Stan remembers this place well. She then says goodbye and the group travels on.

Desnus 11

In the forests to the south, the group encounters a man who calls himself Bokken. He is not the Bokken that the group knows however. The group senses a trap quickly, but follows the hermit anyways. They are unsurprised when he attacks them along with his pet puma. They quickly dispatch them both.

They follow the hermit’s tracks back to a small home inside a large hollow tree. There, they find some valuables including a portrait of a woman, who the group does not recognize.


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