Chapter 19 - Downtime in Cedwyn

After the death of the trolls, things around the kingdom slow down a bit. Even the slow times in Cedwyn are filled with events both mundane and dangerous.

Desnus 26 Zlasta approaches Stan with a proposition of marriage. She is not romantic about the idea at all, instead saying that the union would improve their alliances. She has connections in Rostland and offers to bring those to the kingdom. Her family is also very wealthy and she has a significant dowry that could help the kingdom grow. She seems to be doing this solely for the power and money, but amazingly, after several days of consideration, Stan agrees and the wedding planning begins.

Sarenith 2 Elengoth requests to leave his post at Oleg’s Trading Post. The place is still well-protected and has plenty of employees. Elengoth is not really needed and wishes to pursue his own goals elsewhere.

Sarenith 9 – A tremor shakes the region and a pair of Deathworms emerge from the fault, rampaging through the countryside. The group leads a troop of guards to fight them. They are able to kill the worms after a gruesome fight, but only one of the guards survives – a man named Falco, who is injured but pulls through and is considered a hero among the townsfolk.

Sarenith 19 – Scolars studying the ruins to the east of town find an ancient cyclopean library.

Sarenith 20 Svetlana and Oleg Leveton’s baby is born. They name her Iryna.

Sarenith 25Yuri’s parents come to town. Yael and Johana Kremen ride into town with all their belongings and enough money to buy a house. They move to Cedwyn to be closer to their daughter. They inform her that her old instructor / friend Zheleza has died. They wonder if she has found a man to settle down with and are a bit pushy about it. When they find that she has opened an inn, they all but take over the management.

Erastus 13 Zela, a half-orc with fabulous hair approaches the group, Yuri specifically, having heard of her. He requests help, saying that he has escaped from a group of cultists called the Whispering Way. They are coming for him. The group leaves Cedwyn and meets the cultists outside of town. There, they try to negotiate, but eventually things break down into a fight and they kill the cultists.

In the back of the cultist’s wagon, they find a dozen men and women and children, chained with bags over their heads and their mouths sewn shut. They free the slaves and find that they were captured from the outskirts of the town of Mivon to the south.

Vors casts a spell to speak with the dead cultist and questions her about the cult’s location. He finds that they are from the town of Nystra deep within the Shudderwood, even further south of Mivon.

Erastus 14 – The group wants to go south to Mivon, but has no way of crossing the river and getting there. They find that a local man named Beven Armaki is looking for Silver Eels from Lake Silverstep to make the best eel bake in the world. He also is one of the few people in possession of a Folding Boat, and offers to let the group use it if they can bring him these eels.

The group spends the next few days fishing out of Lake Silverstep, even getting the rescued slaves from Mivon to help them. They are able to deliver even more silver eels than Beven required, and he tells them they may keep the boat and creates the best eel bake that they had ever put in their mouth.

Erastus 18 – Vors creates a path that through the lake that allows the boat to descend to the river below and travel south to Mivon. The rescued slaves leave there and return to their homes. The group then continues south to the Shudderwood and makes their way through to Nystra.

Erastus 20 – The group arrives at Nystra and finds the town decimated and controlled by evil undead creatures. They start a fight that soon gets out of control and are forced to fight off the entire undead forces at once. Stan falls in battle, along with Rex. Vors is able to preserve Stan with magic so he can be resurrected later, but unfortunately Rex is too far gone, and Vors has to say goodbye to his friend.

They find other slaves in Nystra that they free. With this cell of the cult destroyed, they take Stan to Elengoth in Varnhold, then return to Cedwyn.

Erastus 29 – Upon their return to Cedwyn, they find that their spymaster, Akiros has been arrested by soldiers from Restov. They leave to find out what has happened. In Restov, they meet the guard captain who tells them that Akiros has confessed to murdering a councilman in Restov ten years earlier. Volgrin Steelfoot recognizes the name of the councilman – Fergus Craithe. Volgrin had actually paid for Craithe’s murder.

Fergus Craithe was a horrible man who used his power to do despicable things, including murdering Volgrin’s beloved, a dwarf named Tori.

Upon further investigation, they find that Akiros does not want to be rescued. He is going to be executed and he is fine with that. They interrogate him further and find that he is not actually the one that killed Craithe, but he is covering for his brother who has a family and he does not want to see his brother punished. He’s prepared to be executed to save his brother.

The group does not want to see Akiros die, especially for crimes that he did not do, so they devise a plan to make it appear that Akiros has died in prison, then transport his “dead” body back to Cedwyn. Vors sneaks into the prison and poisons Akiros’ water with a drug that simulates death. After Akiros has “died”, they are able to retrieve his body and transport him back to Cedwyn where they revive him. He is grateful for the rescue, and for their doing it in a way that will make it appear that he has died. He continues to serve as the spymaster for Cedwyn, but now wears a mask on his face at all times in public, and has become known around Cedwyn as The Spectre.

Arodus 25 Jubilost Narthropple comes to the group and tells them about an adventuring party who he sent to explore Candlemere Tower, and they have not returned. He thought that they would be able to handle anything that was there, but he fears that he has sent them to their death.

The group goes to check out the tower and finds several moonflowers growing, with dozens of wil-o-wisps flying all around. Vors recognizes that the moonflowers are all that remains of the adventurers. The wil-o-wisps and the moonflowers are symbiotic and feed off the energy of living creatures.

The group goes into Candlemere, using defensive spells to ward off the wil-o-wisps, and destroy all the Moonflowers. Vors recognizes that the serum that Sarico uses to hold back his disease is composed of moonflower pollen. He takes what pollen he can and bottles it to give to Joanne Vinte

There, Joanne tells him that yes, that is where she got the pollen. She had been using potions to turn invisible and fly in to collect the pollen, then escape. With the moonflower dead, and with the pollen that Vors has brought her, she has enough pollen to make Sarico’s serum for six months.


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